Homeless Veterans Residential Service

VA Transitional Housing Program

3375 Winbrook, Memphis, TN, 38116
(901) 346-1140
Rosie L. Crawford, Program Manager

CAAP became aware of the need for a VA Transitional Housing Program as a result of services and requests from both former clients and current residential and outpatient clients.  Research with the VA Medical Center at Memphis and information obtained was a direct result of our membership and participation in the Shelby County Coalition for the Homeless.  As a treatment facility CAAP has an established history of working with homeless individuals.

The “eligible veteran” has no specific face.  Not only would the “eligible veteran” be a man with a chemical dependency problem who is in transit and not had a home since returning from Viet Nam, the “eligible veteran” is the chemically dependent female, single head of household who fought in Gulf Storm, the baby-faced, newly-released veteran who cannot find employment, and the wizened-faced World War II era vet who lost his family when alcohol took over his life.  CAAP’s Homeless Veterans Program will provide space and services to these and other homeless veterans and their families when the veteran is the primary caretaker of minor children and/or primary financial provider for those children and their spouse.

CAAP will accept referrals directly from one of five primary sources

  • VA Medical Center, Memphis, TN, Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Vietnam Veterans Service Center

  • MIFA – a local ombudsman/coalition of social service, medical, housing and other organizations which certify individuals and families for emergency assistance

  • Shelby County Coalition for the Homeless and Shelter Operation’s Service Committee

  • Individuals who are referred by other professional organizations or agencies may be accepted after an initial review of the referral information and the agency’s professional expertise