Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

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Myron Edwards, Program Manager

CAAP recognizes that substance abuse knows no prejudice but has obviously taken a firm foothold in our minority communities, especially among young and poor.  All too often substances are abused for the false courage to face disappointment or to compensate for a feeling of inner weakness and/or the lack of self-esteem that comes with a negative self-image.  Therefore, CAAP realizes that a culturally sensitive approach is warranted.

CAAP’s INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM has established a treatment mode for Outpatient and Aftercare services.  This focuses on helping the individual to understand that they may function without the use of mind altering substances in his or her life.  We realize that the capacity for change is forever possible.

Clients will participate in programs that will enhance their understanding of the reasons for periods of chemical dependency.  Each phase of the program is conducted with regular and random drug screening.  Upon completion of the treatment program, clients are monitored through a two-year program, consisting of therapeutic groups and other support systems.

Three phase program
  • Morning and evening sessions (focusing on core issues)

  • anger management

  • relapse prevention