Supportive Housing Program for Homeless Non-Veteran Males


Non-Veteran Males
1725 Pinebrook, Memphis, TN 38116
(901) 395-0964
Wesley Smith, Program Manager

Homelessness is a growing social dilemma causing great community concern.  It’s devastating moral, mental and physical deteriorating effect places the homeless person at high risk of drug addiction, criminal acts and more often mental illness at trying to survive the habitats of homelessness.  CAAP, Inc. — Supportive Housing Residential Program has a genuine interest and an innovative and comprehensive approach to assist the homeless male climb the ladder of life from the depths of homelessness to the maximum heights of self-sufficiency.


Homeless males who do not have subsequent residences who are impacted by chemical dependency and so do not have the resources and support networks needed to obtain access to housing and can certify that without the proposed program the participant would spend the night in a shelter or on the streets.


To provide residential stability, assist in developing living skills, income, self-assertiveness, determination and taking responsibility.

Case Management Social Integration Classes
Outreach and Assessment Financial Strategies
Medical Evaluation Job Readiness
Physical Evaluation Job Placement
Chemical Dependency Treatment GED Assistance